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On 3 Performance 4V Forward Facing Kit (96'-04') Mustang Cobra/Mach 1


OFF ROAD USE NOTICE: items sold through Power Adder Solutions including tuning products,supercharger / turbocharger systems maybe designed for off-road/race use only, and are not applicable for vehicles in states that require pollution controlled vehicles. California (CARB) & other states prohibit the sale or use of some aftermarket parts, including those that tamper with, modify or defeat emissions systems in any 1966 and newer vehicles. Power Adder Solutions prohibits the use of these products on emission controlled roads. These parts are sold for OFF ROAD, RACE-ONLY, ground-vehicle use only controlled environment.

Power Adder Solutions does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads, that is entirely the responsibility of the consumer.

Product Description


Please call for Availability with time sensitive orders, systems can become back order from the manufature.



On 3 Performance is proud to release the newest 2nd generation Mustang 4v Mustang Cobra turbo system with forward facing headers. After almost a year of developing this new On3 turbo kit, they are stocked and ready to start shipping. On the same boost level we ran with the previous 1st generation kit, we picked up almost 30rwhp/50ft. lbs. mid-range. Most of this is due to the new design and being able to spool the turbo quicker. On 5psi, we are making full boost in the upper 2000rpm range, that's around 700-800rpm quicker than before. There is nothing like turbocharged power on your modular 4.6 Mustang, bolt on and double the factory horsepower. With this kit, we have had customers go deep into the 11's and waiting on one of our newest customers track details. Looks like we might see some 10 second passes with our new 2nd generation kit on a stock bottom end 4v car. You will have no problem trapping 120+ mph, we are trapping almost 121mph with our shop 2002 2v GT.

By designing a header that comes directly forward, we were able to eliminate about 4'+ of tubing pre-turbo. This also allowed us to route the tubing for the intercooler differently as well as the downpipe. So the ground clearance was improved as well, it was never an issue but why not improve it if we can? In order to drop weight with the kit, we also went to aluminum intercooler tubing over the stainless, this lost almost 15lbs from the 1st generation kit. Its also a shorter and more direct path which also has shown us the benefits. In addition to the turbo kit, we added a few other features to make the install easier and prevent issues down the road. We designed a laser cut intercooler bracket kit that is manufactured just down the road from our shop. While we were at it, we also had a turbo support cut that allows the weight of the turbo system to be tied back to the engine. This way the weight of the pre-turbo/turbo is supported by the bracket instead of the actual tubing.

Each of our turbo systems come with our On3 70mm turbocharger which is rated up to 700hp. Currently our 2v shop car has around 20,000 miles and 4 years of daily driving year-round. We have proven our turbos durability over time and if maintained and installed correctly, its unbeatable for the money. The turbo is proving the test of time and we could not be happier with the results its provided us.

Into the kit details, each header is constructed of 3mm wall mild steel which we have been proving over the last few years its durability on daily driven cars. From the headers to the turbo is 304 stainless and 304 stainless all the way from the turbo back. We also went to a slip fit downpipe instead of v-bands. This allows for more adjustment due to the lap bands which is really needed. There is movement in the way the turbo can sit so this allows the installer to be able to get a better fit. As mentioned before, the cold side now is made from aluminum instead of the stainless to drop weight. Not only that but it will also help with dissipating heat and will allow for slightly cooler iat's. Each tube on our On 3 Performance cold side is bead rolled and uses t-bolt clamps for a perfect seal and to prevent blowing a coupler off under boost.

Key Features:

Perfect fit for AUTOMATIC transmissions
Retains factory accessories ' Air conditioning and Power steering
Quicker spooling
Forward facing turbo headers
Less exhaust connections pre-turbo
Turbo support bracket/Intercooler brackets included
Better fit on the SN body cars to clear coil packs
More simple design to eliminate tubing
Easier to install and adjust the kit
Maximum ground clearance
Each Kit Includes:

Hot Side

Forward facing headers (pr) ' Mild Steel
Merge pipes 304 stainless steel (2pcs)
Downpipes ( From turbo to catback, includes merge to hook up to your catback: 3 pipes)
Dual wastegate dump tubes 304 stainless steel
Each pipe coming off the manifolds pre-welded with o2 bungs
Downpipe is pre-welded for a Wideband sensor
Headers welded for both upstream o2 sensors

Cold Side

Turbo to intercooler (Aluminum)
Intercooler to throttle body (Aluminum)

Kit Component Breakdown:

On 3 Performance 70mm, .70ar cold/.68 hot T-4 Flanged
On 3 Performance Laser Cut Turbo Support Bracket
On 3 Performance 3' Core Bar and Plate Front Mount Intercooler
Stainless Steel upper/lower radiator hose (Relocated to clear the turbo)
On 3 Performance 38mm Wastegate (Black) (2pcs)
(1) Wastegate spring (6-7 psi)
On 3 Performance 50mm Blow-off Valve (Black)
Custom CNC bent Stainless Steel power steering cooler line
Complete Oil feed kit from block to turbo, includes all brass fittings needed
Complete Oil drain kit from turbo to oil pan
Custom CNC formed stainless steel power steering line
On 3 Performance oil relocation kit
All 4ply/5mm Black silicone couplers
T-bolt clamps
On 3 Performancee lap bands
Extended length sway bar end links
All Stainless Steel 2 ½' and 3' V-bands needed *New 8mm Bolt
Hardware kit
Detailed Instruction CD w/ Photos

In order to run the turbo system, you will need to run our turbo tubular suspension kit. Also there will be several upgrades you will need to make for fuel delivery and air. Those upgrades are available though us in our accessory kits that include:
Description subject to change as per manufacture offering and upgrades



Warranty Policy:

All products sold are 100% covered by their normal manufacturer's warranty and or offered, from the time period when purchased


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